The Peach Ghobi rose makes a perfect choice for the floral arrangements with a romantic flair and a note of vintage look. This rose demonstrates the pure perfection of the greenhouse cut rose at its best by combining the durability of commercial cut rose with the superb ruffled blooms like in many garden roses.

Detailed description

The flowers commence in charming pale, peachy pink tightly packed tall buds, which gradually open to form ruffled, creamy apricot rosettes. Each bloom has a perfect ring of large petals edged with ruffled texture. Eventually, the petals turn back to form a large, high cup, creamy white flower. The overall effect of the voluminous blooms in direct sunlight is almost cream like. The fragrance is almost none existent, but on some occasions, you can catch a whiff of light fresh leafy sent.

Resemblence of garden roses

Each wiped cream bloom features layer after layer of petals of ruffled nature. Which look prettier as they open up. The high petal count of these blooms resembles the look of garden roses and lush peonies. When you are on the look out for ruffled blooms like peonies or garden roses but they are not available, Ghobi Roses are a close match. It is among popular wedding flowers, especially for bridal bouquets as it has a vintage and classy vibe to it.

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Ghobi rose works beautifully with

Ghobi rose goes along nicely with pale pinks, white and cream blooms not to mention lush greenery. For a romantic arrangement, pair these with other opulent flowers, such as peach or light pink garden roses and white stock accented with dusty miller. For a cut fresh from the garden look, loosely arrange creamy Ghobi Roses with seeded eucalyptus, white statice and Queen Anne’s lace.

Easy to care for

This cut rose has an easy nature. No special treatment is required, except for an initial stem trimming and immediate placement in water. Expect a long vase life of 10-12 days if bought directly from the whole seller.

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Other names:
Shape: High cup
Colour: Cream
Petal Count: 40 – 45 petals
Fragrance: no
Vase Life: 10-12 days
Suppliers: Bellarosa