Peonies and garden roses are both gorgeous flowers, though when it comes to decoration and flower arrangement it can be hard to choose between them. But don’t worry! The peony pink rose variety has made this debate obsolete, the breed combines the best aspects of the two flowers, the peony’s high petal count and the large size of the rose, the result is a dense, soft peony-like look.

If you’re desiring a peony look but peonies are out of season Peony Pink Rose is a perfect replacement. There are many other flowers that give the same full, fluffy look to your arrangement, but they still feel like a compromise. While this elegant rose with its perfect peony shaped flowers and a romantic fresh myrrh scent will be a seamless substitute.


Peony Pink garden roses come in a very light pink colour, which is close to the UK’s most popular peony called ‘Sarah Bernhardt’. If you need to replace a Peony that comes in a different colour Garden roses would be perfect as they come in many colour variations.


Both peonies and garden roses are highly fragrant and it only takes a few flowers to fill a room with their sweet perfume. People may perceive the scent differently, but they mostly agree that peonies fragrance can be described as a sweet roselike scent or a clean, slightly citrus scent. Which makes it quite close to the smell of Peony Pink Rose that has strong fresh myrrh scent with notes of lemon and almond.

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Naming and history

The Peony Pink rose is also known as St Cecilia. Use its second name if you are on a look out for a rose bush rather than cut flowers.

This rose was introduced in the UK in 1987 but was not used in floristry until now. The rose was ignored for quite a while as with any garden roses Peony Pink have a shorter vase life than commercially grown roses. However, its most delicious smell won hearts of florist and so it now can be found in flower shops.

Shape: Peony/cabbage rose shaped
Colour: Soft Pink
Petal Count: 80+
Diameter : 9 cm
Fragrance: Strong fresh myrrh scent
Vase Life: 5-7 days
Suppliers: The real flower company, Perfume flower company
Breeder: David Austin

For more information about cut garden roses check out my blogging series about cabbage roses.

Peony Pink Rose, peony alternative, fragrant garden rose, rose looks just like peonies, rose with myrrh scent, St Cecilia rose, peony rose