It looks like organic flowers are back and they are here to stay. It is still true that UK flower production is lower than what it was in the 80’s, but let’s not overlook the growing popularity of locally grown flowers. British flower growers have been enjoying a renaissance with a continuous growth in demand for home grown flowers in the last five years, and it looks like this trend is only likely to continue.

organic flowers, UK flower market , slow flowers, British flower week 2016,  The Real Flower Company

At the moment, domestically produced flowers are only taking 10-15% of the UK flowers market share and this means that there is still a long road ahead before UK flower producers can say that they are back to 80’s volumes. But it does not mean that this is impossible for the domestic flower growers to increase their production and equally share the market with imported flowers. The future looks rather bright as more and more bouquets will take the best from both worlds and bring the joy of a natural style all year round.

From near death to renaissance this is quite a journey! So let’s look at what lead to increased popularity of organic flowers.

organic flowers, UK flower market , slow flowers, British flower week 2016,  The Real Flower Company

Flowers are a form of luxury, but with so many varieties being sold in supermarkets right next to basic necessities at the lowest price possible their glamour has disappeared. As a result, high-end florists had to look for rarer flowers with a superior feel, and fragrance. This gave rise to the trend of loose natural designs, creative flower designs in rustic style and vintage vibe in floristry.

Customers are always up for a longer lasting flowers and this is something that slow flowers can deliver with an ease. Domestic grown flowers tend to last longer since they don’t have to travel long distances and withstand transportation damage. Plus with flower growers reputation being on stake farmers make sure that their flowers get picked at the right time to last the longest in a vase.

In the last 30 year’s breeders have been working very hard to develop the sturdiest, stiffest flowers possible at the expense of natural delicate beauty and especially fragrance. Morden flowers that can be purchased in supermarkets all year round lack scent. Which is so invaluable to proper flower lovers. And this is something that locally grown flowers can deliver. Since most local growers prefer older garden varieties with a fantastic natural smell.

organic flowers, UK flower market , slow flowers, British flower week 2016,  The Real Flower Company

A superior product is great but often not sufficient to make a market shift. Marketing is the key! And the organic flower movement owes much to the fact that marking efforts of Debora Prinzing and Floret flowers in America and New Covent Garden Market and Flowers from the Farm in the UK succeeded. All of this brought fun and creativity back into the flower industry and made it more appealing to a younger generation. Just think of all those gorgeous Instagram accounts and Snapchat feeds that are full of exquisite flower designs.

And the last but not the least driver of slow flowers is health. Often imported flowers are being treated with an insecticide. This treatment leaves a nasty, unhealthy chemical residue on flowers. Such treatment can cause dermatitis and other skin problems, especially if contact with such flowers happens daily. Locally grown flowers don’t need to travel for miles and so don’t need chemicals to extend their life and hardiness: this makes them much better for you.

Organic flowers are great for many reasons, but they are at their absolute best when placed right in front of you eyes. And June is bursting with opportunities to get closer to nature and its beautiful blooms. Dear flower-lovers if you are in the UK from 13th of June until 19th of June 2016 then check out flower events run by British Flowers Week. And if you are in the US between June 28th to July 4th 2016 have a look at American flowers week.


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Photographs were taken by The Smell of Roses at the stand of The Real Flower Company