Pink is the colour we most associate with roses. A classic symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often presented as a token of admiration and appreciation. Whatever is the message you can convey it with pink roses as there are so many shades of pink. Pink tones range from softest blush pink to pure rose pink, right through to bright magenta pink. Indeed, there is no other colour among roses that offers the possibility of so much variation and so a pink rose bouquet will create a bright spot in a special someone’s day. If you want to show gentleness and admiration then O’Hara and Avalanche are your perfect roses.

Rose Avalanche

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Other names: –
Shape: multi-layered rose
Colour: Smooth pink, but with a slightly darker heart
Petal Count: 50+
Fragrance: None
Vase Life: 10 days
Suppliers: Meijers Roses

The Avalanche Rose was introduced to the flower markets in 2000 and quickly become one of the most loved wedding roses. Floral designers consider Avalanche as an indispensable element in exclusive rose arrangements, displays, bouquets and venue decoration, due to its durability. Over the years Avalanche Roses have been growing in popularity and are now commonly used for various special occasions. A great rose for everyone who does not like surprises.

Avalanche Roses are extremely enduring! They have a sturdy stem and are crowned with a large flower head that always has the same petal arrangement and opens fully. With a high petal count, long vase life and all year round availability it’s no wonder that the Avalanche Rose is the rose of choice among celebrity florists.

The Avalanche Rose is available in many colours. Its pink variation comes in pink with a hint of peach and subtle increments of green around the outer petals. As the flower head opens the green hue fades and turns back to an almost pink colour.

perfect pinks, Ohara rose, Avalanche rose

The Rose is available in different stem lengths – typically 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 90cm & 100cm. The longer the stem, the larger the flower. A popular floristry trick takes advantage of different stem length availability. Florists flowers of various height in the same project, giving the advantage of using the same rose in different bud sizes.

Over the past few years, Avalanche has been the most popular wedding rose by far and fits perfectly into the current ‘old garden roses’ fashion (But with the durability of a modern flower).

Avalanche Rose family is quite large! It includes Avalanche (white), Peach Avalanche (peach), Sorbet Avalanche (pale pink), Candy Avalanche (dark pink), Emerald Avalanche (soft green) and Pearl Avalanche (champagne)!

Pink Rose O’Hara

O'hara rose, perfect pink rose, pink garden rose

O’Hara is a blush pink rose from France that has 4 hearts in the centre and is incredibly fragrant. It will open up to a lovely spiral open rose. The best choice when you are looking for a grand pink rose. These gorgeous flowers add texture and fragrance to any arrangement! It is also a perfect bridal pink for weddings.

Rose O’Hara comes in subtle, baby pink that will charm you with its unique beauty. Sweet and elegant, this rose has a gently ruffled head and opens into a full, lush bloom. Perfect choice for a baby shower, dressing table decor or sweet wedding. Combine this rose with pastel flowers for an elegant yet youthful bouquet.

Its blooms provide a large fluffy texture to arrangements, a little bit similar to peonies. O’Hara colours and unique appearance make it one of the most popular wedding flowers, a great and classic choice for any bride.

This rose is also fantastic due to its tremendous lifespan (especially for a garden rose) and availability on the market.


Other names:
Shape: Cabbage rose shape
Colour: Pinkish cream
Petal Count: 120+
Fragrance: Strong fruity scent
Vase Life: 7 days
Suppliers: Alexandra Farms
Breeder: Delbard

As you can see both O’Hara and Avalanche roses are perfect pink roses and will brighten up any occasion.