Not everyone has the time or resources to sift through hundreds of gardening forums and gardening blogs in order to find the top 20 great rose blogs and other online resources dedicated to roses. That’s why I have curated this list of twenty of the very best rose-related blogs for rose lovers. All of these are great places to start your rose adventure or learn more about your favourite flower.

Paul Zimmerman rose blog & his old blogs about roses

Paul Zimmerman, garden designer, author, and rose expert who shares tips for natural rose care on his multiple blogs.

Paul Zimmerman Roses – Paul’s website with lots of rose advice.

Roses Are Plants Too – this blog contains lots of useful info about roses but it is an old blog and was last updated in 2014.

Petals and Thorns. Life from Ashdown Roses. – another old blog owned by Paul.

Paul Zimmerman Roses Gardening Discussion Group – If there is anything rose folks like as much as growing roses it’s talking about roses! So you may be interested in a Facebook Discussion Group created by Paul, where you can ask questions to a wide group of gardeners and rosarians about anything related to rose growing.

Rose Notes

Rose Notes is another lovely rose blog where Carolyn Parker explores the wonderful world of roses. Here you will find gardening desin tips, rose care expertise, as well as flower/rose arrangement how to’s.

Rose Chat

Rose chat is a podcast about roses. This top-rated gardening podcast explores the different aspects of roses. It offers a variety of resources and information on how to take care of your backyard rose garden, how to select roses for your garden as well as how to maintain them. If it’s about roses, creators of this podcast are talking about it… In this podcast, you will hear from the world’s foremost authorities on growing roses, authors as well as take a look at roses in art, literature, and history.

The Smell of Roses

The Smell of Roses is a relatively new blog about roses. What started as an idea to create a website about flowers and has now turned into a passion project for me — a website about roses. This website is aimed at all individuals interested in enjoying roses. With topics ranging from rose fragrance, rose photography tips, new rose varieties, best rose gardens as well as how to grow roses to achieve the garden of your dreams. If it’s about roses, this website is covering it.

The Rosarian Library

The Rosarian Library this is an ‘indoor garden’ with a comprehensive library of books dedicated to the rose, a number of glorious rose paintings and other rose memorabilia.

The Great Rosarians

The Great Rosarians Blog about roses by the creators of Rose Lecture Series and a Rose Garden Hall of Fame awards, the Great Rosarians of the World™.

Naked In The Roses

Naked In The Roses – A blog on Old Roses, gardening, rose gardeners & their gardens around the world.

Gaga’s Garden

Gaga’s Garden – a gardening blog by rose expert.

Rose Mania Blog

Rose Mania Blog – useful info about rose growing.

A Rose is a Rose

A Rose is a Rose – a great place for rose photography.

Comming up roses

Comming up roses – This blog is a fantastic source of rose photography. Please note that the blog is not in English, but because it is heavily visual language does not matter.

Petals Purple

Petals Purple” – Cultural Affairs of The Rose. Is an old rose blog that was not updated since 2013, but this does not mean that it does not have lots of interesting rose info.

The North Central District of the American Rose Society

Rose blog by The North Central District of the American Rose Society.

Lady Jai’s Roses

Lady Jai’s Roses – another old but useful rose blog.

Hedge row Rose

Hedge row Rose – The Hedgerow Rose blog has close to 500 original posts, the majority of which focus on roses.

Garden Musings

Garden Musings – Gardening in Kansas and rose gardening with Canadian Roses, Griffith Buck Roses, and Rugosas. A little garden philosophy and garden humour is thrown in.

Other Rose blogs

Other blogs about roses that I came across while searfing on the web for rose info.