Recently I discovered a fantastic botanical artist Carmen Almon and decided to share her designs with you as they are truly fantastic. Her botanical structures may look fragile but they are tougher than they look.

The artist brings to life every flower, petal, and leaf by cutting and shaping sheets of copper and wiring them together into magnificent three-dimensional sculptures. Turns out Copper is a great material for building flowers. But it is not copper rather the paint that makes flowers so realistic. The artist works on each creation over a period of 3 months or slightly longer. Within this time she applies layers of oil paint and washes of enamel. This is a scrupulous work but the results are fantastic.

Botanical structures by Carmen Almon, peony, pink peony

Carmen Almon happens to be so good at painting flowers as she was already established as an artist when she started making those flowers. She simply transformed her art from fat botanical watercolor drawing to a 3D world.

Botanical structures by Carmen Almon, poppy

Styled yet remarkably real, fragile but made out of metal Carmen’s plants are captivating and mysterious even to the artist herself. In her interview to the House & garden Magazine, she said that once she established the root system for of a certain flower it simply grows from there. Looks like those designs are not only pure magic to look at but also to creat.

Hope you now love her designs as match as I do 🙂