So your Chelsea flower show ticket got lost in the post, what do you do now?. It is easier to solve this problem than you think, just read on.

With just a couple of days before the Chelsea flower show I was faced with this problem and had a small meltdown, but I managed to resolve the issue after a bit of googling and calling Tiketmaster( official seller of the RHS). Finding the right information can be a bit challenging especially if you are nervous since this issue is not addressed on the RHS website. Instead, the more thorough among you will be confronted with “Any replacement of lost, damaged or stolen Tickets is at our discretion”, which I did not find reassuring and useful.

So what exactly do you need to do?
The answer is really simple just come to the event with your ticket order confirmation email and the card that you paid with, the organiser will print a new ticket for you. I have no clue why Ticketmaster and RHS did not bother address this issue on their website. This reclaim your ticket procedure was confirmed by Ticketmaster call centre.

In case you still want more information you can check where your ticket is by following the steps bellow.

Firstly, you should open your email with the ticket order number. Your email should look like the one bellow.

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Scroll to the bottom here you will find where are my tickets section, click on it. This page shows you the progress of your order.

If it is 5 days before the event and your tickets still haven’t reached you can call 0333 300 3010. Don’t worry the call is very helpful and quick at solving issues. As you can see it is really easy to get a replacement in case your Chelsea flower show ticket got lost so there is nothing to worry at all.