Here’s a detailed list of famous rose breeders known for their particular contributions to the field. I hope this will be beneficial in discovering a little more history behind the rose flowers we all love.

Rose breeders are a patient bunch… it can take a lifetime to produce the perfect rose. If you ever do. How many of us actually consider the time, work, patience, and expertise that goes into producing the latest varieties in your local garden centre?

The best breeders through the ages have been part gardener, part scientist, part rose historian and part artist. Just wafting a bit of pollen around a rose then hoping you get some viable seed to plant next year is never going to produce anything of note. Each new generation of rose breeder builds on the work and advances of the previous ones… we have never had such a wide variety of beautiful roses as we do today.

So here is a tribute to some of the best, the notable, the people who gave us varieties that have become the backbone of our rose gardens. These are listed in alphabetical order.

List of notable rose breeders


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