My previous post was getting a bit too long, but I still had so many marvelous photographs of Kew gardens, so I decided to go for part 2. I just can’t keep all this goodness to myself.

In the earlier post I mentioned names of the buildings that I took pictures of, but I did not provide a map. So here you go.

Kew map, Kew, Kew gardens, Kew gardens map, map

Got this map from the Kew’s website .

Now it is time to get back to the photographs.

Kew, Kew garden, Plantasia
Kew, Kew garden, Alpine House

A sunny view of the Alpine House

Kew, kew gardens, Alpine house

That’s what I found inside the Alpine House

Kew, kew gardens, Alpine house, cyclamen

Just in case you do not know name of this beauty it is called cyclamen.

Kew, kew gardens, Alpine house
Kew, kew gardens, Alpine house
Kew, kew gardens, Alpine house

After finishing up with the Alpine house I moved towards the Plant Family Beds (called Order beds in the past). You may think that this is boring, but don’t be fooled by its name.

Kew, kew gardens, Order beds, Kew order beds
Kew, Kew gardens, order beds Kew, lavender
Kew, kew gardens, order beds kew

The main purpose of the Plant Family Beds is to arrange plants according to their relationships with each other. Such flower arrangements are actually a unique feature of botanic gardens.

Those beds have quite a long history. They were created in 1846 to replace vegetable garden that moved to Frogmore. William Jackson Hooker, who was in charge of Kew Gardens at a time  decided to create flower beds and arrange them according to the classification of French botanist Antoine Laurent de Jussieu (1789).

In this area of the garden you can also find a rose pergola, the most amazing thing I my opinion. But as it was not in full bloom at that time I settled for a few rose pics.

Kew, kew gardens, order beds kew

And a few stunning snaps of the Palm House Pond, which I took on the way out.

Kew, kew gardens, Palm House Pond Kew

A statue of Hercules wrestling the river – god Achelous.

Kew, Kew gardens, Palm House Pond kew

Reference:  Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew: Souvenir Guide, 2004.

And a website of Kew Gardens.