Anemone flowers are so much fun – they come in various colours and bloom in winter when an extra splash of colour is welcome. But the flower is a bit capricious and so if you’re looking for easy to care for flowers, these should not be on your list. After reading this guide on anemone care you will know exactly what to do with anemone flowers, so there will be no need to resist the temptation!

Colors – White, Fuschia pink, Red, Purple and sometimes in Yellow/Orange.Vase life – 10 days. From open 3-6 days.Season – Late Autumn to Spring.

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Flower with a story
Anemones are a flower with a story. Its name is related to the ancient Greek myth of the famous love story of Aphrodite and Adonis. In the myth Aphrodite transforms her wounded lover’s blood into a flower, a red anemone, thus ensuring that he would live forever as a flower.

Anemones keep growing after being cut
Anemones are tricky flowers because they continue to grow once cut or placed into a bouquet. This may come as a surprise, but they change quite a lot from tight bud to a fully open flower and making something unmissable for an arrangement. When designing a bouquet you should leave some space for the flowers to open up. You would not want to design with already open booms as they will deteriorate quicker. Luckily, Anemones look rather nice on their own and so some beautiful arrangements can be created without other flowers.

How to pick best blooms at a flower shop
If you need your flowers on the same day then go for those that have already opened. But keep in mind that they would not last too long. When buying flowers for home decor go for tight buds and don’t worry that they would not open up.

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Anemone care

1. Process quickly. Don’t live flowers for too long in the original wrapping, the blooms will start opening up and you don’t want their petals to get pressed into the wrapping. The stems usually have a bend and so can get tangled up. carefully separate flowers so as not to damage them.

2. Trim stems. Cut each stem at a diagonal for better hydration. Use sharp scissors as you don’t want to crush the stems.

3. Place in a clean vase filled with water at room temperature, if you don’t want your blooms to open up quickly and luke-warm if you want to speed up the opening-up.

4. Provide stems with some support during hydration. For this use, a vase that is tall enough for stems and blooms to be above the brim. If your vase does not fit the bill, you can loosely wrap the paper around the stems to help them stay upright. When using paper make sure that it does not touch petals.

5. Change water regularly. Anemones are thirsty flowers and so you will have to top up water or better still change it regularly. A change of water will prevent bacterial build up and so will make flowers last longer.

6. Keep them in a cool room if possible this will increase their lifespan.

7. Note that the anemone does not do well in oasis because their stems tend to soften.

Now your anemones should last a while! Enjoy your blooms.