There is something a little special about piano roses – unusual shape of their blooms. All piano roses have pompon like buds which later on develop into big lush cupped blooms. The deeply cupped flowers of the rose are usually accompanied by side shoots that normally have smaller buds on them. Such unusual structure and its bright pink colour make Pink Piano Rose a great addition to any bouquet as it brings its old garden rose charm as well as adds more volume than a standard single-head rose.

Piano rose family

The Pink Piano Rose is a part of Piano rose family which also contains Bridal Piano, Red Piano, Happy Piano, Wedding Piano and Lemon Piano roses just to name a few. This family started with the creation of rose Piano also known as Red Piano by Rosen Tantau in 2007 and since then grew into a large multicolour family.

Piano rose showed itself as an extremely long-lasting garden rose and quickly become one of the florist’s favourites, which lead to an extension of the cut rose varieties of the breed.

Pink piano rose, piano roses, fragrant garden roses, bright pink  roses on white background

Rose Piano: Colour

Pink Piano Roses are a strawberry pink colour, have a large petal count and are a great substitute for peonies when out of season. The colour is a deep rich pink that takes on a tinge of darker pink just before the petals drop. The rose tent to reflect light slightly differently from its petals due to a shape of its petals, which produce an interesting effect of strawberry and cream colouring.

As you can see in the photo, the open blooms feature a bright, lush pink.

Pink piano roses, fraigrant garden roses

Rose Piano: Shape

Its beautiful flowers are produced freely and with excellent continuity. Beautiful garden rose bloom, with a consistent globular bloom form. Each stem has the main large bloom with 2-3 additional small buds. When young, their outer petals form a perfect ring around an inner cup; gradually opening out to form a perfect rosette.

The one slight drawback to this rose is that the guard petals have dark spots on them and that they tend to tear, perhaps because there are so many petals.

Rose Piano: Fragrance

Like all other commercially grown garden roses, Pink Piano roses have a distinct old garden charm combined with durability and fruity smell. It smell can be described as a pleasing, fruity fragrance with hints of green.

If you are looking for a lightly scented, cup-shaped fuchsia pink garden rose, Pink Piano Roses are a perfect match!

Details – Pink Piano Rose

Other names: –
Shape: globular bloom form to flat
Type: Hybrid Tea
Colour: Deep pink, fuchsia
Petal Count: Large, very full (41+ petals)
Breeder: Rosen Tantau
Year: 2009
Fragrance: Lightly scented
Vase Life: 10 + days