Nestled between the bustling streets of Islington and Hackney lies a secret garden that will make any rose enthusiast's heart skip a beat. De Beauvoir Square, a charming Victorian enclave, houses an unexpected treasure: a recently restored rose garden that's quickly becoming London's best-kept horticultural secret.

Unveiling Secret Rose Garden in London - De Beauvoir Square

Secret Rose Garden in London - De Beauvoir Square, Pink rose in the garden with houses on the background
Secret Rose Garden in London - De Beauvoir Square

Step into De Beauvoir Square, and you'll find yourself transported from the urban jungle to a fragrant oasis. This pocket-sized paradise, measuring just over an acre, packs a floral punch with an impressive collection of 150 roses spanning 15+ different varieties. It's a rose lover's dream come true, right in the heart of the city!

The garden's history is as rich as its blooms. Dating back to the 1830s, De Beauvoir Square has weathered time and even the tumultuous years of World War II. While surrounding buildings faced bomb damage, this resilient green space emerged unscathed, preserving its original charm for future generations to enjoy.

In 2020, Hackney Council breathed new life into this beloved community space with a thoughtful restoration which preserved the character created by James Benson in the 1830s, although much of the original square has become residential. The central area of the square however has remained, with a lush rose garden, lots of greenspace and additional playground now present for the local residents. Today, the rose garden stands as the crown jewel of De Beauvoir Square, inviting visitors to lose themselves in a tapestry of colors and scents.

Imagine strolling along neatly manicured paths, the air heavy with the intoxicating fragrance of roses in full bloom. Each turn reveals a new variety, from classic English roses to more exotic cultivars. It's a living museum of rose history, perfect for both casual admirers and devoted rosarians alike.

But De Beauvoir Rose Garden offers more than just visual and olfactory delights. It's become a cherished community hub, hosting neighborhood events and providing a tranquil escape for locals and visitors. Whether you're seeking a quiet spot for contemplation, a picturesque backdrop for photography, or simply a peaceful place to unwind, this garden delivers in spades.

For families, the adjacent children's play area makes it an ideal destination for a day out. Little ones can explore while parents bask in the beauty of the roses – a win-win for all!

So, rose lovers, add this hidden gem to your must-visit list. De Beauvoir Rose Garden proves that sometimes the most extraordinary experiences come in small packages. Next time you find yourself in London, take a detour to 26 De Beauvoir Square (N1 4LE) and prepare to be enchanted by this secret blooming wonderland.

De Beauvoir Square London Secret Rose Garden, Garden roses in June
De Beauvoir Square's Rose Garden
De Beauvoir Square - Rose garden - China Town Yellow roses
De Beauvoir Square - Rose garden - China Town Yellow roses

List of Roses Growing at the De Beauvoir Square Rose Garden

What sets this garden apart is not just its beauty, but the thoughtful approach of the Hackney council and garden management. In a delightful nod to rose aficionados, they've created a detailed map of the garden, complete with a comprehensive list of roses growing in the park. This treasure trove of information is conveniently displayed on the wall of the cycle stand, allowing visitors to embark on their own self-guided tour of this floral wonderland.

Imagine strolling through the garden, map in hand, identifying each variety as you go. It's like a botanical treasure hunt, perfect for both seasoned rosarians and those just beginning their love affair with these timeless blooms. The park's plan, thoughtfully shared with visitors, transforms a casual walk into an educational experience, allowing you to put names to the enchanting faces of each rose you encounter.

For your convinience here is the map of the Londons secret rose garden and a list of roses growing at the park.

Map of the De Beauvoir Square Rose Garden located in London
Map of the De Beauvoir Square Rose Garden

List of roses:

  • White Pascali
  • China Town Yellow
  • Oranges & Lemon
  • Pink
  • Silver Jubilee
  • Rosa Red
  • Royal William - Red Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Red Velvet
  • Rosa Peace
  • Rose Blessings - Pink Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Rosa Yellow
  • Fellow Freedom - Yellow/Gold Hybrid Tea Rose
  • Coconut Ice

* Rose names taken from the rose garden plan displayed at the park.

Rose Royal William at the De Beauvoir squares rose garden, london secret gardensd
Rose Royal William
Rose Blessings
De Beauvoir Square's Rose Garden, Rose Peace in full bloom, Photo taken by the smell of roses
Rosa Peace
Rose Pink
Rosa Peace
Hybrid Tea rose White Pascali at the De Beauvoir square rose garden london
Rose White Pascali
Rose Silver Jubilee at the secret rose garden De Beauvoir square rose garden in Londono
Rose Silver Jubilee
Rose Oranges & Lemon

Remember, the best gardens are often the ones you stumble upon unexpectedly. Who knows? This little slice of rose heaven might just become your new favorite London discovery!