If roses are your bloom of choice, then you'll certainly fall in love with the rose garden at Greenwich Park, London. With over a hundred different rose varieties, it is a feast for the senses, creating an explosion of colour against the green landscape. From soft pastels to vibrant reds and yellows, the colour palette is as varied as it is delightful. Equally stimulating is the aromatic scent of the different roses, wafting through the garden air to further sweeten your stroll.

The lushly planted beds, predominantly hybrid tea and floribunda roses, are laid out in a symmetrical semi-circular design, offering breathtaking views from any spot within the garden. A handpicked mix of classic and modern rose varieties ensures a lasting bloom from early summer through to autumn, enticing visitors to revisit the garden throughout the different seasons.

Yet, the roses are not just a sight to behold; each one has its own story to tell. While some roses have been chosen for their supreme fragrance, others have been selected for their resistance to disease and depredation. It's a place where tradition meets innovation, creating a 'living library' of roses that are beautiful, hardy and fragrant.

For avid rose growers, a visit to Ranger's House Rose Garden at Greenwich Park is an opportunity to gain inspiration for their own gardens. Perhaps you might even spot the next rose to feature in your own garden. And for those who admire roses in all their stunning glory, this garden offers an unforgettable encounter with these charismatic blooms.

Rink roses at the Rose Garden at Greenwich Park's Ranger's House

Rose Garden redesign

A deep understanding of the significance of transformation can be found in the history of the Rose Garden at Ranger's House. Originally planted in the 60s, the garden underwent a substantial redesign in 1995. The profound makeover involved not only enlargement of the garden space to accommodate more roses, but also encompassed a thoughtful replanting process. This metamorphosis was carefully executed, ensuring the preservation of the garden's essence while introducing a fresh aspect to its character.

Key to the redesign was the addition of a yew hedge enclosure. This crucial element brought a whole new dimension to the garden—rendering it an intimate and secluded retreat, capturing the essence of an English country garden within the heart of the city. The expansion and replanting process also enabled the garden to house over 100 different rose varieties, showcasing an extensive and diversely colourful display of these beloved blooms. Each of these rose varieties contributes to the unique tapestry of colour and fragrance that envelop and cajole the senses as you meander through the garden.

It's this thoughtful redesign that unites the old with the new, binds diversity with unity, and most importantly, accentuates the charisma of the roses in a tranquil setting - making the Rose Garden at Ranger's House a timeless marvel to revel in.

White garden roses at the Rose Garden at Greenwich Park, London, English rose gardens
Light pink garden roses at the Rose Garden at Greenwich Park, London, English rose gardens
The Rose Garden at Greenwich Park, London, English rose gardens

List of roses growing at the Greenwich Rose Garden:

The list of roses below is sourced from the map of the rose garden currently on display at Greenwich Royal Park. It showcases the roses that have been cultivated in the garden since its redesign in 1995. Some roses appear multiple times on the list, as each number corresponds to a flower bed marked on the map.

  1. Peacekeeper
  2. Mountbatten
  3. Momento
  4. Margaret Merrill
  5. Loving Memory
  6. Troika
  7. Just Joey
  8. Loving Memory
  9. Silver Lining
  10. Picadilly
  11. Dawn Chorus
  12. Peacekeeper
  13. Doris Tysterman
  14. Royal William
  15. ice Cream
  16. Troika
  17. Margaret Merrill
  18. Grandpa Dickson
  19. Hannah Gordon
  20. Mountbatten
  21. Dame Wendy
  22. Remember Me
  23. Bonfire Night
  24. Lady Mavis Pilkington
  25. Paul Shirville
  26. Rosemary Harkness
  27. Anne Aberconway
  28. Festival
  29. Anna Livia
  30. Matangi
  31. Amber Queen
  32. Pascali
  33. Tynwald
  34. Congratulations
  35. Hannah Gordon
  36. Cleopatra
  37. Silver Jubilee
  38. Korresia
  39. Ingrid Bergmann
  40. Tequila Sunrise
  41. Iceberg
  42. Memento
  43. Double Delight
  44. Iceberg
  45. Tequila Sunrise
  46. Anneka
  47. Trumpeter
  48. Mountbatten
  49. Paul Shirville
  50. Royal William
  51. Christopher Columbus
  52. Matangi
  53. Festival
  54. Silver Jubilee
  55. Ice Cream
  56. Remember Me
  57. Festival
  58. Anna Livia
  59. Dawn Chorus
  60. Ice Cream
  61. Many Happy Returns
  62. Brown Velvet
  63. Grandpa Dickson
  64. Tequila Sunrise
  65. Margaret Merrill
  66. Anna Livia
  67. Lady Mavis Pilkington
  68. Trumpeter
  69. Anna Livia
  70. The Times Rose
  71. Amber Queen
  72. Bucks Fizz
  73. Momento
  74. Valencia
  75. Matangi
  76. Dawn Chorus
  77. Berkshire
  78. Berkshire
  79. URNS - Cambridgeeshire
  80. URNS - Cambridgeeshire
  81. Heavenly Rosalind
  82. Rosa Pimpinellifolia
  83. Winchester Cathedral
  84. Rosa Hibernica
  85. Rosa Virginiana
  86. Pat Austin
  87. Rosa Paulii
  88. Rosa Speciosa
  89. English Garden
  90. Rosa Complicata
  91. Rosa Moyesii
  92. Sweet Juliet
  93. Red Coat
  94. Berkshire
  95. Sharifa Asma
  96. Berkshire
  97. L D Braithwaite
  98. Heavenly Rosalind
  99. Winchester Cathedral
  100. The Dark Lady
  101. Bibi Maizon
  102. Sharifa Asma
  103. Graham Thomas
  104. Golden Celebration
  105. Tradescant
  106. Peach Blossom
  107. Peach Blossom
  108. The Pilgrim
  109. Abraham Derby
  110. Michelle Meilland
  111. Just Joey
  112. Ruby Wedding
  113. All Gold
Pink garden rose and bumblebee on a flower at the Rose Garden at Greenwich Park, London, English rose gardens
Yellow garden roses at the Rose Garden at Greenwich Park, London, English rose gardens
Red rose with bumblebee on it at the Rose Garden at Greenwich Park, London, English rose gardens

To sum it up, the rose garden at Ranger’s House, Greenwich is a perfect blend of natural beauty, horticultural excellence and historical richness. The entire place provides a deeply satisfying experience for rose enthusiasts, history buffs and those seeking serenity amid the urban landscape. So, why not plan a visit to this charming corner of Greenwich and let the Ranger’s House roses captour your heart and delight your senses?