The best way to practice flower arrangement is to start small, boutonnieres are very easy to make and provide a result that could actually be useful. For this craft it is highly recommended to use hardy flowers such as roses or orchids; they can survive the summer heat and being worn for a day. Here’s a simple guide on DIY boutonnieres.

What does a boutonniere mean: A boutonnière is a floral arrangement worn by men, typically a small mix of flowers or even a single flower. In the UK it is commonly known as a buttonhole, and the word boutonniere comes from the French word boutonnière.


* Various flowers and foliage
* Floristry tape
* Scissors
* Florist wire

You will need for boutonniere, boutonniere DIY

– Step 1: Condition your flowers by removing excessive foliage and making sure that they had a good drink before they made into a boutonniere as they will have to survive without water.

– Step 2: Wire bigger blooms for addition support, you don’t want them to drop their heads prematurely. You can find a guide to flower wiring here.

– Step 3: Arrange a small assortment of flowers and foliage into a mini bouquet, arranging it until you are happy with the look. Try to use a variety of different heights, placing the taller pieces at the back.

– Step 4: Carefully tie floristry wire around the stems to hold them in position. Flowers can also be fixed with a string – this is called a naked arrangement as the stems remain visible.

– Step 5: Trim excessive stems off your flowers and foliage for a neat look.

– Step 6: Add a pearled pin, it will be needed to secure the boutonniere in place.

– Step 7: To keep the flowers hydrated, place them in a container with a small amount of water. Don’t allow the ribbon or the string to get wet. As an added measure it would help to store flowers is a cold dark place before the event.

boutonniere, diy flower arrangements
boutonniere, diy flower arrangements
boutonniere, diy flower arrangements
boutonniere, diy flower arrangements
boutonniere, diy flower arrangements
boutonniere, diy flower arrangements

Now that you have your boutonnieres you may wonder how to secure them on a suit.


Step 1: Position the Boutonniere. Note that a boutonniere is always worn on the left lapel of a suit.

Step 2: Inserting the Pin. Lift the lapel up so you can see the back of it. With your free hand, stick a pin through the back of the lapel and make sure that the pin went through the boutonniere stem. Ensure to push the pin up and away from subject’s chest.

Step 3: Securing the Pin. Once you are done with step 2, angle pin down to the left. Carefully push the pin down through the lapel, this will make sure that the boutonniere is fixed in place. The process is very similar to sewing a stitch.

If you use this method of pinning a boutonniere the pinhead will end up being hidden behind the lapel, so the flowers will look sleek.

Step 4: You are done!

boutonniere, diy flower arrangements