Quicksand roses are one of the most thought after bridal blooms. Each of these beautiful flowers features an elegant light beige colour that looks especially stunning when paired with dusty greenery. This rose is the perfect choice for a rustic look as it will add a pop of lush florals without over the top effect, so other blooms will still be noticeable. If you are on the look for an elegant rose look no further.

Rose Quicksand can be a lifesaver for an event as this variety is extremely durable and relatively cheap so would not break the bank. Growers ensure the highest level of freshness and quality in every stem, so their roses can travel from Ecuador and still last at least 10 days in a vase. Best of all, these sand roses have the affordable pricing when compared to garden rose varieties.

Elusive colour

Quicksand roses, beige wedding rose, sandy roses, blush rose

With regards to the colour of those roses it can be described as nude, beige, sandy, sandy blush, sandy cream, musky, blush pink or champagne… the list goes on. As you can see it is a tricky colour. The reason for it is that the Rose has quite a few variations depending on the grower. And this can sometimes make things a little complicated when you’re on the look for a particular shade. So it is highly recommended to keep in mind this colour variation.

Diffrent varieties of Rose Quicksand

The Rose is about to get more complicated as there are two distinct types of this variety.

Single-Headed Rose Quicksand

As with most roses, quicksand variety is available as a single head bloom, probably the easiest type to create with.

Single-Headed Rose Quicksand, beige wedding rose, sandy roses, blush rose

Spray Rose Quicksand

The rose is also available as a big headed spray, which usually comes with one fully open bloom and two shots with small buds on them.

Spray Rose Quicksand, beige wedding rose, sandy roses, blush rose


Other names: –
Shape: High-centered
Type: Hybrid Tea
Colour: Beige, Sandy Cream
Petal Count: 26-40 petals
Fragrance: No
Vase Life: 10-12 days

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