You know our coffee obsession has gone too far when even roses are named like Starbucks drinks. Meet Rose Cafe latte; a very unusual rose with a unique ethereal colour of copper bronze, opening fully with a light vanilla scent.

Introduction to the market

In 2005 De Ruiter Innovations BV introduced new variety named “Cafe Latte”. This variety, bred for beauty and fragrance, won florists hearts instantly but has not been easily available for a long time. Its popularity owes much to the boom of rose farming in Kenia, which made rear garden varieties accessible to florists all over the world and so brought ought recognition to obscure roses like this one.

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General look

Cafe Latte’s light-copper exterior petals frame the delicate brown-violet of its centre. The flowers are large and deeply cupped, the contrasting colours giving a most attractive effect. The Rose Cafe Latte is famous for its unusual vintage antique petals with strong waves.

Describing bloom shape of this rose is not an easy task, as its ruffled petals tend to form an almost infinite amount of variations. Like most hybrid tea roses Cafe Latte rose often have high-centered blooms. But in some cases, its central petals form a scalloped arrangement that seems to divide the flowers into two or three equal parts.

Rose Cafe Latte, Scented Cafe Latte brown roses, Scented rose Cafe Latte, Rose Caffe Latte, Rose Latte, coffee rose


This rose represents a breakthrough: a bright copper coloured flower. The rose begins to open up in striking copper colour tint with a touch of orange, but as it grows its colour slowly fades, to lighter tones. When the rose reaches its peak its colour becomes a latte-like colour with light yellow spots on the inner petals close to the stem.


There is a strong vanilla scent with a warm, sensuous background. Its scent lives up to rose’s name and makes us think more about lovely coffee shops.

A stunning rose for any occasion and a huge favourite for weddings!


Other names: Caffe Latte, Ruia1999b
Shape: High-centered bloom form
Type: Hybrid Tea
Colour: Orange blend, ages to lighter
Petal Count: 35 to 40 petals
Fragrance: Vanilla notes
Vase Life: 6-7 days
Year: 2005
Breeder: De Ruiter Innovations BV