Rose Bellevue is a stunning Bi-colour rose that displays exquisite blends and contrasts of colour. Its flowers are mainly pink which fade to green closer to edges, with guard petals (outer petals) being more on the green side. Such coloration adds great interest to the rose and makes it a beautiful cut flower.

The Bellevue Rose is a small to medium sized pink rose that is easily available on the market and often can be spotted in supermarkets. Due to its miniature nature, the rose would be ideal for bouquets and other small interior decorations. Though, it would be tricky to use it in large urn decorations, flower walls and wedding arches.

Its complex colour makes it a good addition to a bouquet of pastel flowers due to its lighter tones, but it will also look good with autumn blooms as its brighter tones will match this colour scheme as well.

Rose Bellevue

This rose is quite dramatic and lives up to its name. In French, Bellevue means “beautiful view”, which is ideal for such creatively coloured rose. Flattery even more enhanced by the fact that the language of flowers celebrates the female beauty of pink roses.

Bellevue Roses have nicely shaped flowers that can be described as high-centered blooms as its central petals stand above the outer open petals.

Rose Bellevue

The rose is quite similar to Belle Rose wich has a similar shape and comes in lighter tones of pink and green. Both roses look stunning on their own, but when mixed together their beauty is intensified.

What you should know about roses Bellevue:

Very popular in the world of African roses.
Its blooms are very similar to tulips – are pointed and narrow.
Prevailing colour pink, which echoes a light greenish tint.
Keeps its shape throughout its life.
Usually, has straight stems. The straighter the stem the higher quality of the rose.

Rose Bellevue

Details – Rose Bellevue

Other names:
Shape: High-centered blooms
Type: Hybrid Tea
Colour: Hot pink and green
Petal Count: 25 petals
Breeder: Kordes
Fragrance: Not Fragrant
Vase Life: 16 + days

If you are looking for a pinkish-green Rose, Bellevue roses are a very good choice!