When you think about botanical gardens in the UK I bet that the first thing to come to mind is Kew gardens. Let me know if something else pops into your head first.

We have a lot to look at when it comes to Kew so lets get on with it. The gardens have so many lovely specimens and such an interesting history, that I am sure I would still be writing about them in a few years time. Kew garden is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, in addition to this it played a significant role in the world of Botanics.

One of the things that took me a while to understand is how to distinguish botanical gardens from parks and usual gardens. Long story short, a botanical garden is a place where plants such as: conifers, flowering plants and ferns are grown; And exhibited for the purposes of education, preservation and research. While plants in parks and gardens are grown for public pleasure only  Kew gardens manages to entertain the public, as well as keeping its research and preservation functions at the highest level.

The very early history of the garden is linked with the history of Kew Palace and the Royal family. Princess Augusta lived and designed the land near Kew Palace to her liking, with the Pagola being the main decoration which still survives. She also introduced and passed her love for gardening to her Son George III. Who in turn established the botanical garden and supported Sir Joseph Banks, as well as development of Botany in 18 century.

Now it is time for photos.

Kew, Kew gardens,  Kew's art galleries, The Marianne North Gallery,  Marianne North

The Marianne North Gallery

Kew, Kew gardens, Plantasia, medicinal herbs

Plantasia – a flowerbed with medical herbs

Kew, Kew gardens, Plantasia, medicinal herbs
Kew, Kew gardens, King William's Temple

King William’s Temple

Kew, Kew gardens, orange bloom
Kew, Kew gardens, Rose garden, The Palm House

The Palm House (view from the rose garden).

Kew Garden, Kew, Rose, rose garden Kew, rose garden
Kew, Kew gardens, The Palm House Pond

The Palm House Pond

 Kew Gardens, Kew, The Palm House Pond

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