If you’re looking for a statement rose with a mountainous dose of glamour, the Caramel Antike rose is a stellar choice. Its mix of yellow and apricot colours is the epitome of elegance, with light vanilla edges making way to darker center. Grown in Colombia, these blooms have a giant, full-petalled cups. They feature a slight to medium fragrance and are the perfect garden rose for a romantic wedding bouquet or arrangement.

Rose Caramel Antike: Fragrance

This rose has a slight scent which makes it a great choice if you don’t want a heady rose fragrance. These are initially tea-scented but often develop a wonderful combination of fruity notes.

Caramel Antike rose, large yellow cat rose, fraigrant yellow rose, yellow garden rose

Rose Caramel Antike: Colour

Caramel Antique Roses feature gorgeous focal flowers that open up to unveil rich layers of light caramel to champagne hues for a soft and feminine look.

Rose Caramel Antike: Shape

This rose arrives in a rounded ball shape with a slight point at the top which then opens up to reveal a beautiful cup-shaped bloom filled with layers of petals.

These garden roses, also referred to as cabbage roses, are similar to peonies with their lush petals and full heads, making them a popular choice for any romantic.

Yellow rose with cup-shaped bloom,  rose with layers of petals, Caramel Antike rose, vanilla coloured rose

Rose Caramel Antike: Mix with

Caramel Antike roses look lovely when mixed with spray roses, wax flowers, and luscious greenery for an extra sweet bouquet!

They also can add an elegant touch to centrepiece filled with reds and pinks, or create an arrangement made up of only these beautiful blooms.

Rose Caramel Antike: Vase life

Caramel Antike Rose has a great vase life and is terrific for vase work, also because of her size.

Caramel Antike rose, peach color rose, yellow rose, yellow garden rose, fragrant rose

Details – Rose Caramel Antike

Other names: Antique Caramel, KORtiglo,
Shape: Cupped bloom form
Type: Hybrid Tea
Colour: Honey yellow to apricot with pink blushes toward the centers
Petal Count: 100 – 120 petals
Breeder: Tim Hermann Kordes
Year: 1997
Fragrance: Fruity
Vase Life: 7-9 days