Free Flower Clip Art 3

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It has been awhile since I have shared my watercolour png’s – enjoy. This time I tried to draw a more detailed flower set, hence the longer production time. I chose autumn as the theme with its lush pumpkins, colourful leaves and rainy days. So expect some autumn pics and roses as per usual.

Included are the 125 hand drawn watercolour floral images and 11 flower mixes, all as PNG files. You can download the set from the link bellow:

Link 1 – dropbox – watercolor set 3.

This clip art is a continuation of free flower clip art series, earlier creations you can find here:

Flower clip art 1

Flower clip art 2

As always, there is a Photoshop Brush set here.

Sharing is caring, so please if you love it, share it on Pinterest so other flower lovers could find it.

This work is licensed under creative commons license 4.0

  • Angelica B

    Thank you! They’re lovely

  • Thanks. It means a lot to me.

  • Thanks so much!

  • Yamila Palacios

    Thank you!!! You are amazing.

  • Haute Swan

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing. I might make some pretty wallpapers with them!

  • Carrie Williams

    Thank you for these beauties! I keep meaning to scrapbook something “boyish” for my son but he keeps ending up in pink (cuz I like pink) and now he’s going to be in pink and flowers! 😉

  • Chella E.

    could i use these designs on some of my merch?